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Dimecres, 27 de setembre de 2023    

Some Ibicenco words

The Catalan is the main language of the island, the Castillan is understood by all ibiza citizend. Ibiza residentd speak also the Ibicenco. Due to Ibiza touristic activity, English, French, German and Italian are well understood

English Spanish ibicenco
Good morning Buenos dias Bon dia
Good afternoon Buenas tardes Bones tardes
Good evening Buenas noches Bona nit
Hello Hola Hola
Thank you Gracias Greacies
Enjoy your meal Buen provécho Bon profit
Good Bye Adios Adeu
What time is it? ¿Que hora es? ¿Quina hora es?
Post office Correos Correos
Bank Banco Banco
Restaurant Retaurante Retaurant
Street Calle Carrer
Where? ¿Dondé? ¿Aon?
How much? ¿Cuantos? ¿Quants?
Water Agua Aigua
Wine Vino Vi
Cerveza Cerveza Cerveza
Milk Leche Llet
Meat Carne Carn
Fish Pescado Peix